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Dec 20, 2020

Workplace Violence Response Planning with Shawn Rafferty

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SPR Group LLC was formed in 2018 by Shawn Rafferty. SPR Group LLC's strategic vision centers around threat management, preparedness, training, damage mitigation, and effective response. Shawn sees a dangerous disconnect between law enforcement, organizations, and individuals about how they can work together to help:

1. Prevent incidents

2. Mitigate damage

3. Respond during an active shooter event or other life-threatening situations

Even more troubling is the apparent lack of preparation and training for individuals and organizations. It is unfortunate that even after so many active shooter events, people and organizations are still not prepared, and many do not know what to do. Shawn's main objective is to help save lives by preparing organizations and individuals to prevent, prepare, and respond during an active shooter event.

SPR Group LLC is the embodiment of everything Shawn has learned and experienced over 25 years in various leadership and security roles. The work Shawn performed with the United States Military, local/federal law enforcement, and security firms opened his eyes in ways he would never have imagined. Far too often, people are left to react and hope the natural fight or flight response helps them figure out what to do when the worst happens. - this is not enough.

When lives are at stake, the first line of defense is developing a strategy. Shawn's first weapon of choice is the strategy throughout Shawn's years of training and working as a security specialist for various organizations. When a strategy is in place, people train on what to do when the time comes. And then, if the worst happens, training kicks in, and that strategy helps reduce injuries and casualties.

The event that laid the groundwork and future formation of SPR Group LLC occurred in 2007. Shawn just returned to the U.S. from working in Iraq and was anxiously awaiting his first child's birth. While Shawn was driving, he heard on the radio about the news of the Virginia Tech mass shooting that took the lives of over 32 people. Upon hearing the news, Shawn, both angry and sad, thought out loud, "There must be a way to help people survive these horrible incidents." From that point on, Shawn started to brainstorm ways to better educate people on what they can do and even help police respond in a more direct, informed manner.

Over a decade later, Shawn puts his passion and plans into action to help save lives.

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