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Jan 12, 2019

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Drones Used for Safety

How would you like an OSHA inspector to launch a drone over top your job site or building, looking for hazards and violations? Perhaps workers on the roof, forklift operators in the yard, cell tower workers on a mountain - an OSHA inspector could see it all without even stepping foot on your property.

It's not as far-fetched as it may sound.

OSHA has authorized the use of drones by certain inspectors to collect evidence during inspections in certain workplace settings.

But before you freak out, currently, OSHA inspectors are only allowed to use drones for enforcement purposes in areas that are inaccessible or pose a safety risk to inspection personnel.

The other issue worth noting; OSHA must obtain express consent from the employer prior to using a drone on an inspection. In addition, personnel on-site must be notified of the aerial inspection prior to the drone's launching.

So, for now, most employers don't have to worry. But, it is something that employers should keep in mind, in case OSHA decides to expand their use of drones. Obviously, any secret usage over an employer's worksite could bring up constitutional issues, but as technology advances and drones become more commonplace, employers may want to incorporate the issue into their OSHA inspection procedures.

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