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Dec 23, 2018

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Integrating Safety with Business

Have you ever struggled to make your safety processes mesh with other existing business processes, like quality or maintenance? By using lean principles and tools it can be easy to do just that. Stop trying to convert workers and take the work to them, in terms/tools they are comfortable using.

This can be as simple as using a layered audit approach - piggyback off another inspection that is done frequently. Or leveraging existing operator checks, sprinkling safety-related checks in there. If there are chemical checks needed for quality then add checks for labels, SDS, spill kits, PPE, etc. to the list.

Using lean manufacturing is all about first asking what else are we doing that has worker's attention? Can we leverage those efforts? I read a pretty decent article touching on this and you can find it here:

But for a deeper look and some real-world examples listen to this podcast episode. Be sure to share your tips on how you have been able to integrate safety with existing business processes. Send emails to

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