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Jun 7, 2018

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Workplace Violence and Safety Security


Because workplace violence is a growing problem at workplaces across America, it is good for a company to develop its own company-specific worksite violence policy and procedures manual.

There is evidence that suggests worksite violence is largely preventable through the development and implementation of a specific policy and procedures. To be effective, company policy and procedures must discourage all types of worksite violence. They must also encourage employees to come forward in the event they are victims of, or witnesses to, any prohibited behavior. Additionally, whatever disciplinary action is deemed appropriate for policy violations, it must be handed out impartially and consistently. This will send a clear message that threats and other violent acts will not be tolerated by your company.

When developing your company’s policy and procedures, it is important to remember that employees are not likely to adhere to something they don’t understand. To prevent this from happening, refrain from using legal jargon, or referencing other documents that employees may not be familiar with. Also, resist the urge to adopt any model or sample policy and procedures without first modifying them to address the specific needs of your company. Once you have a draft document prepared, you may find it helpful to solicit employee feedback regarding its clarity and completeness.

A final point to keep in mind is that policies and procedures should not be forgotten once they have been published. Make plans to review them on a regular basis, and to update them to reflect changing roles and conditions. Also, encourage employees to provide suggestions for ways they can be improved.

At a minimum, your company’s workplace violence policy and procedures should include:

  • A statement that your company will not tolerate workplace violence of any kind.
  • A description of prohibited behaviors and actions.
  • Detailed procedures for reporting and investigating alleged instances of such behavior.
  • Measures which will be taken to ensure confidentiality.
  • Reassurance that retaliation for reporting an incident will not go unpunished.
  • Disciplinary action that will be imposed for engaging in prohibited behavior, as well as for retaliating against another employee.
  • Efforts that will be made to communicate company policy.
  • Methods that will be used to monitor workplace security.

To be effective, policies and procedures must be:

  • Appropriate for the workplace.
  • Easily understood by all employees.
  • Revised as necessary to address changing conditions.
  • Reviewed with employees on a regular basis.

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